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Make the most out of winter with the Firestone Winterhawk 4. This new generation winter tyre provides optimal control and handling in cold and unpredictable conditions. Designed for a safe and cost-efficient ride, the Winterhawk 4 will keep you in control on winter roads. The tread pattern relies on unique sipes, grooves and angular edges to attain traction on snow, while the innovative compound and tread design help the tyre stop 4% faster on wet roads than its predecessor.
  • Excellent wet braking

    • Improved snow traction 1
    • Outstanding performance on snow
      • Shorter stopping distance vs predecessor 2
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    Control on the road all winter long
    • Designed to conquer any snow or slush conditions
    • Superb wet braking performance with NanoProtechTM compound
    • Tuned for excellent comfort to ensure a pleasant ride, whatever your destination
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    • Improved braking on wet and dry roads*
    • Certified snow performance with 3PMSF
    • Improved mileage**
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    Responsive and predictable to be in full control for all winter conditions.
    • Safer, steadier performance through rain and slush*
    • Vastly improved* wear resistance
    • Reliable grip on everything from loose snow to icy surfaces 

      * Compared to Firestone Winterhawk 2 Evo and Winterhawk 2V Evo

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    The smart choice. Year-round convenience.
    • The extra convenience and cost saving of a single set of tyres, all year round
    • Designed to perform in all conditions, so the weather never catches you by surprise!
    • Compliant with winter-tyre legislation in all relevant countries
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