Firehawk Sport SPORT

Firestone Firehawk Sport tyres
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Firehawk Sport SPORT

Firestone Firehawk Sport tyres

There’s nothing like the thrill of the open road when
you’re behind the wheel of a car with Firehawk Sport
tyres. Outstanding control. Superb handling. Reliable
grip. Exactly what you need for your next adventure.


  • Sharp steering response
  • Outstanding grip in wet conditions
  • Excellent dry braking 1


Legal notice

Based on the internal tests carried out on Firestone Firehawk Sport vs. Firehawk SZ90mu, ref. 225/40 R18

Technical features & benefits

Illustration of sporty tyre profile

Sporty profile

To maximise steering and dry braking
Illustration of asymmetric wall angle

Asymmetric wall angle

For for increased lateral stiffness and reduced block deformation
Illustration of balanced footprint shape

Virtual optimisation of the contact patch

For balanced contact and a sharper steering response
Illustration of steel reinforcement

High-performance steel reinforcement

To increase tyre reactiveness and breakage strength
Illustration of optimised rib and void distribution

Optimised rib and void distribution

For the best watering evacuation
Illustration of rib variable profile

Rib variable profile

For more efficient contact pressure and wet friction
Illustration of compound components and technology

Innovative mixing technology and Nano Pro-tech

high silica content compound
Illustration of optimised sipe and skid depth

Optimised sipe and skid depth

For increased longitudinal and lateral stiffness

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