Roadhawk 2 NEW

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Roadhawk 2 NEW



Life is adventurous, and so are you. Whether you need to control your every day journey or head out on the open road, you need a tyre that matches your active lifestyle. Meet the Firestone ROADHAWK 2, your smartest choice for a summer tyre that doesn't just keep up, but elevates your driving experience, even on wet roads. Feel empowered and at ease with unwavering control, handling and reliability during every drive.



  • Best in class Wet Grip
    Achieving EU Label Grade A for wet grip
  • Improved wear / longer mileage
    Increased mileage by 20% vs previous generation 1
  • Optimised Fuel / Energy Consumption
    12% reduced rolling resistance vs previous generation 1

ENLITEN logo Electric vehicle ready: Tyre designed to meet the specific requirements of electric vehicles.


ENLITEN is a combination of cutting-edge technologies providing maximum safety, outstanding tyre performance and improved sustainability characteristics while ensuring that Bridgestone and Firestone's tyres are EV-ready.



Legal Notice

1) Based on the internal data comparison of Firestone Roadhawk 2 vs Firestone Roadhawk, ref. size 225/55 R17 101W.




Technical features & benefits

Illustration of connected shoulder blocks

Connected shoulder blocks

To optimise contact pressure distribution for a superior wet grip, reducing slippages and improving mileage
Illustration of voids/ribs in center pattern

Optimised proportioning of voids/ribs in center pattern

To rebalance pattern stiffness improving tyre life and worn shape and maximising water evacuation
Illustration of NanoPro-Tech™ high silica content compound

New mixing technology & NanoPro-Tech™ high silica content compound

To improve filler dispersion for a winning RRc/Wet/Wear balance
Illustration of slots/chamfered sipes

High number of slots/chamfered sipes

To enhance water drainage, maximising grip on wet surface and to harmonise pattern stifness, reducing slippages for a longer mileage
Illustration of wide shoulder lugs

Wide shoulder lugs

To enhance water evacuation
Illustration of lighter carcass construction

Lighter carcass construction

Implementing lighter and low hysteresis fabrics reducing rolling resistance

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